about our digital chromagenic ("c") prints

Our Chromira ProLab Digital C printer/processor can produce darkroom-quality prints from your digital image files. The ProLab utilizes LED technology and draws the paper over a curved drum to create a printing surface that eliminates banding and other problems associated with lasers. The result is exceptional quality, and daily calibration ensures perfectly matched multiples time after time. You'll get outstanding detail on prints up to 30" wide by any length, printed on Kodak Professional Endura Premier papers in luster, glossy and metallic finishes, and Fuji Crystal Archive Deep Matte paper.

delivering files to be printed

You may bring your files directly to our facility, send them to us using a file transfer service or provide us with a link and login information for your ftp server. All email submissions must include a contact telephone number and specify the paper surface, print dimensions and print quantities you need and should be sent to psdigital@gmail.com. Print Space cannot guarantee that the prints we produce will match what you see on your own monitor. To assure the results you expect, we recommend that you preview your files on one of our workstations (we don't charge you for previewing and doing quick adjustments taking under ten minutes).

file submission specifications

print pricing

The table below shows our prices for some standard print sizes, but note that nonstandard sizes are no problem; we print exactly to the dimensions defined in your files and calculate the charge based on the overall print area (to get rates for nonstandard sizes, you can use our online price calculator). Additional copies of the SAME FILE are offered at the discounted prices displayed in the 2nd and 3rd table columns. Test prints (5 x 30 inches) are $5.00.

Please be aware that these prices are for files which have been prepared according to our specifications and are ready to be printed as is. You can rent one of our fully-equipped and calibrated workstations at $22.50/hour to prep your files prior to submission if necessary. We are happy to resize, add borders to, retouch and/or color-correct your files before printing for an additional fee, which will be based on the nature and quantity of work you require us to do (our standard digital services rate is $100.00/hr).

digital c print prices for standard sizes

Print Size 1st Print Copies 2-10 Copies 11-100
5 x 7 $8.00 $5.50 $2.50
8 x 10 $14.50 $9.50 $5.00
8.5 x 11 $17.00 $11.50 $5.50
9 x 12 $19.50 $13.00 $6.50
11 x 14 $25.50 $17.00 $8.50
11 x 17 $30.50 $20.00 $10.00
16 x 20 $36.50 $24.50 $12.00
20 x 20 $43.50 $29.00 $14.50
20 x 24 $52.50 $35.00 $17.50
20 x 30 $58.00 $39.00 $19.50
24 x 30 $64.50 $43.00 $21.50
24 x 36 $72.50 $48.50 $24.00
30 x 30 $76.00 $50.50 $25.50
30 x 36 $78.50 $52.00 $26.00
30 x 40 $87.50 $58.00 $29.00
30 x 45 $112.50 $75.00 $37.50
30 x 50 $131.00 $87.00 $43.50
30 x 60 $205.00 $136.50 $68.50

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